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Manto's new "Waves" Compression Leggings for women are now available - The pattern is inspired by Japanese's Zen artist Hokusai's famous works-

Made of high quality Poly/Spandex blend fabric, built to last, but comfortable for everyday use.

The Waves spats sport a revised new fit, sightly shorter than the men's version, it removes any excess fabric form the ankle area.

- Light and durable

- Above ankle length

- Sublimated graphics logos

- Extremely comfortable !


What size to choose:

Waist 24.5" - Size XS

Waist 26.5" - Size S

Waist 28.5" - Size M

Waist 30.5" - Size L

Waist 32.5" Size XL

Waist 34.5" - Size XXL

This item fits snug. Want a more relaxed feel? Choose one size up.



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